Choosing your outfit for your headshot photography session can make a big impact on the way the photos turn out, and you want to make sure to select clothing that will be comfortable and attractive at the same time. The goal with the headshot is to make you appear confident, and emphasize your face and your eyes instead of the clothing. Dress as you would for a meeting with an important client.

If you wear a tie, bring a couple of shirt and tie combinations. Bring a couple of different suit jackets too. If your business is more casual, bring a couple of different choices too. Avoid colors that are too loud and bright, and also avoid strong patterns, logos, or other distracting elements in your clothing.

With any headshot photo shoot, you want to make sure that the clothes are clean and wrinkle free before you begin. Also, pay attention to the way your clothing fits, because the wrong fit can look funny in the photo. One of the most common fitting problems happens when people wear clothing that is too small or too large.

If you have dry or chapped lips, consider bringing some lip balm or chapstick. Please arrive with your hair and makeup already done. You can bring hair products and makeup to do touchups and adjustments here if you wish. If you have red eyes, consider bringing some eye drops, like Visine.

For women Make sure that your clothing is modest, because it is best not to reveal too much skin in the picture. Choose a classy corporate style which shows that you are serious about your career. For example, you might choose a nice blouse or a collared shirt, paired with a suit coat and slacks or a skirt.Also, make sure that you choose jewelry to match your outfit. The jewelry should add a nice accent to the outfit, without detracting from the overall appearance of your photo. Too much jewelry can send the wrong impression, and having the photo taken sans jewelry can appear too plain.

For men Always wear a collared dress shirt, and you might also consider a suit jacket. If you want to add individual style to the photo, then you may consider options such as v-neck sweaters over your dress shirt, or a tie that makes a statement.

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